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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie Ale

O.k.  This is an off the wall recipe I came up with for the  holidays.  I wanted something different so I'm giving it a shot.  I wanted a holiday beer something other than all the Pumpkin Ales out there, so this will have cranberry juice in it as well as some cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.  I'm using some biscuit malt for the "bready" flavor and aroma, some toasted torrified wheat for flavor and head retention, and toasted oats of course for flavor.  Smells good at the steeping so far!
Time to start the boil.  Some wheat liquid malt extract to keep along the lines of wheat flour for baking.  Just went in so now bringing up to a boil.  Smells like toasty goodness already!
A  nice mahogany color which will be a little redder when the  cranberry juice gets added later.  Tastes delicous already.  Hops going in now and the timer starts for 60 minutes. 
I love the smell of hops!  MMMMGood!
Towards the end of the boil I'll add the brown sugar, cranberry juice, vanilla, and spices.  Then it'll go into the fermenter with the yeast for about a week, then get transferred to secondary.  I'll keep you posted!
Cheers!  Steve

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