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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Jose's Jalapeno Wheat

Racked onto 14 oz fresh green jalapeno peppers today after 6 days in primary with no activity in the airlock. gravity.  (The gravity is 1.016, right where it should be, placing the ABV at 4.46%.)  I Took the gravity sample after racking onto the peppers to get a "hint" of the jalapeno flavor.  I already have the aroma of fresh green jalapeno with a smooth slightly nutty wheat beer profile.  I am also detecting at this time some slight citrus notes, not sure if it is from the jalapenos or the yeast.  (I used Fermentis T-58.  I love this yeast for wheat beers.)  This should prove to be a tasty brew!  It's one of my favorites!  I think I'll have to keep checking on the heat level though as I just taste sampled a slice of jalapeno and it did have quite a bite!  I want some heat, but not too much.  If the heat level gets to where I want it before next weekend, I'll have to rack to tertiary so it doesn't get too hot.  Here is pic of the sliced jalapenos floating on the wheat beer.  It is hazy, but that is normal and expected for a wheat beer at this point in time.

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