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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First All Grain Brews

Hi all!  Going to go for it and do a couple of all grain brews tomorrow.  My first will be a Jalapeno Wheat with Red Wheat malt, pale wheat malt, Light Munich malt, and a little carapils for body.  Going single hop with Cluster, and fresh jalapenos from my bowling buddie's garden.  (hot little suckers!)  Toying with the idea of a little spice going in to change it up from all the other jalapeno brews out there.  Going to use Fermentis Safebrew T-58 Yeast for it's phenolics and spiciness to enhance flavor.  We'll see what happens.
Second up will be my Pumpernickel Porter.  2 Row brewers malt, Rye malt, Briess Special Roast malt, Red wheat malt, and Briess Blackprinz round out the maltbill.  Again going single hop with Cluster, one of my new favorites, and also utilizing Fermentis Safebrew T-58 yeast for spiciness.  These will be two gallon finished batches since I am still working on attaining my propane burner and 10 gallon brewpot so I can do full all grain batches.
I love Pumpernickel bread so why not get crazy and make a brew that tastes like it?
I have a fondness for the oddness!

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