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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Honey Badger Spiced Apple Wheat

WOW!  Nailed my mash temp again!  My O.G. is going to be 1.093.  Which means approximately 9.5-10% ABV!  This going to be BIG!  Oh yeah, "And the honey badger don't care!  He don't give a sh*t!"  LOL  (You gotta see the honey badger video.)  I will keep you posted on the progression of this one!  I'm glad I made the batch 5.5 gallons instead of 5.  It would have been bigger than that.  Thanks for reading and it is time for a cold one!  CHEERS!  

Honey Badger Apple Spice Wheat

O.k.  I opted to do a 75 min boil instead of 60 min.  15 mins in bittering hops have been added.  Smells great!  The wife doesn't think so, though.  With 15 mins left on the boil, the wort chiller will go in to sanitize it.  ( I made it today as a gift to myself!)  I've been wanting to get one for some time.  At 5 mins left on the boil, the spices will go in.  I want the flavor of the spices but not the astringents that sometimes come with them.  I'm hoping to have a starting gravity of about 1.080.  That shoulb make it about 8.5% ABV.  I'll post the gravity when I obtain just before fermentation.  Thanks for reading! 

Honey Badger Spiced Apple Wheat Beer

Hello all!  Sorry for the hiatus.  Life and the holidays, etc.  Anyhow..... Time to brew!  Honey Badger Spiced Apple Wheat is started!  This beer will be a Spiced Holiday beer with a kick!  I'm using 2 row brewers malt, honey malt, wheat malt, flaked wheat, flaked oats, and liqiud wheat extract.  Some spices and apple juice will round out the flavor as well as some agave nectar.  I'll keep you posted on the details.  About 20 minutes into the mash currently.  Thanks for reading!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Video Documentary: How Beer Saved The World

I just viewed How Beer Saved The World, a documentary on inventions that all stemmed from the production of beer.  Refrigeration, pasteurization, factories, etc., all stemmed from the production of beer.  Even the modern day antibiotic, tetracycline, discovered in 1948, was found in ancient bones from Egypt!  AMAZING!  If you haven't viewed the documenatry, please do!  If you are a beer fan as I am, you will find it very interesting.  Just remember some of the facts the next time you enjoy a cold one!  I know I will!  CHEERS!   

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Helios Ale by Victory Brewing, Downington, PA review

Hazy golden-orange hued farmhouse style ale, 7.5 ABV.  Aroma of citrus and sweet malt.  Sweet on the palate as a Belgian style ale should be, hints of spiciness from the yeast, an imported Belgian strain, gives flavors of clove and black pepper.  I seem to find a grapefruit rind-like flavor lingering on the finish.  A very easy drinking beer which packs a wallop like most Belgians do.  Victory Brewing Company produces excellent brews from Pennsylvania.  I really enjoy their beers!  Cheers!   Thanks for reading! 

Deschutes Obsidian Stout review

Instantly became one of my favorite stouts!  Dark, smooth and very delicious!  If you like stout you have to try this one!  Deep dark black in color with a thick tan head.  Flavors of chocolate and coffee, but not overwhelming.  Smooth and creamy body.  Very light hops finish.  A most excellent stout!  From my favorite Brewery!  Deschutes Brewery, Bend Oregon.  Cheers!  Have one for me!