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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Smoke Beer update

Racked to secondary as there was very little airlock activity.  Hydrometer sample 1.014.  Starting gravity 1.060.  6.03 ABV.
Aroma: Sweet malt and mild smoke. 
Flavor: Sweet malt, smooth, moderate smokiness with medium body.  At this time the smoke flavor isn't heavy or cloying.  There is a lingering mild smokiness in the finish, with a very slight hops bitterness.  Quite balanced so far.  I think this will turn out to be a nice beer to enjoy with barbecue.
Thanks for reading! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Smoke Beer

Finished brewing.  Starting gravity 1.060.  Great smoke aroma, good maltiness.  Color is deep amber/copper.  IBU's: 30. 


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Smoke Beer

Next up on the brew list is a Smoke Beer.  Ever since I tried and experienced a Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen, I have been in love with smoked malt beer.  Some say the smoke flavor can be overpowering, but I found it quite pleasant and enjoyable. 

After reading up on smoked malts, Weyermann from Germany, states smoked malt can be used for up to 100% of the grist.  Briess, makers of Cherrywood smoked malt, recommends no more than 60% of the grist.  So I am opting to do a mix of both smoked malts to equal 60% of my grist.

I'll balance it out and add more maltiness using Briess Dark Munich, Weyermann Caramunich II, and Rahr Red Wheat malt equalling 33% of the grist, with the remaining being Briess Carapils for body.

I'll brew on Wednesday and post the results.  I think this will be a nice beer for barbecues with the smoke.  Some folks will like it, and some will not.  I know I will enjoy it!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

1st All Grain Brews

I just bottled my first two all grain batches tonight.  Both brews seemed crystal clear in appearance.  The results are as follows:

Jalapeno Wheat:  Nice smooth wheat beer with the aroma of fresh jalapenos and just the right amount of heat.  4% ABV.  A good Session beer.

Pumpernickel Porter:  Nice spiciness, a little slickness from the rye, and crisp finish.  Not quite the flavor profile I was wanting, but tasty nonetheless.  I think a little aging will be a benefit for this one.  6% ABV.

I'll post tasting results in 2 weeks.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1st All Grain Brews

My all grain brews went into secondary today.  Pumpernickel Porter:  Gravity check: 1.014.  Starting was 1.060 which puts it at 6.03% ABV.  Flavor profile:  Roasted malt, hint of molasses, nice spiciness due to the rye and caraway seed.  Nice crisp finish with slight hop bitterness.

Jalapeno Wheat: Gravity Check: 1.010.  Starting was 1.040 which puts it around 3.93% ABV.  This will be more of a summer session brew.  Flavor profile:  Nice smooth wheat beer profile.  I added 8 small sliced jalapenos to give it the fresh jalapeno flavor and a bump in heat.  Another week and it should be great! 


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First All Grain Brews

Hi all!  Going to go for it and do a couple of all grain brews tomorrow.  My first will be a Jalapeno Wheat with Red Wheat malt, pale wheat malt, Light Munich malt, and a little carapils for body.  Going single hop with Cluster, and fresh jalapenos from my bowling buddie's garden.  (hot little suckers!)  Toying with the idea of a little spice going in to change it up from all the other jalapeno brews out there.  Going to use Fermentis Safebrew T-58 Yeast for it's phenolics and spiciness to enhance flavor.  We'll see what happens.
Second up will be my Pumpernickel Porter.  2 Row brewers malt, Rye malt, Briess Special Roast malt, Red wheat malt, and Briess Blackprinz round out the maltbill.  Again going single hop with Cluster, one of my new favorites, and also utilizing Fermentis Safebrew T-58 yeast for spiciness.  These will be two gallon finished batches since I am still working on attaining my propane burner and 10 gallon brewpot so I can do full all grain batches.
I love Pumpernickel bread so why not get crazy and make a brew that tastes like it?
I have a fondness for the oddness!