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Sunday, May 20, 2012

White IPA

After enjoying Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA immensely and not being able to locate it here in Colorado, I decided to try and make my own version of a White IPA.

What I am aiming for is a smooth wheat beer complimented by the citrus, especially grapefruit notes, from the hops, as well as the overwhelmingly awesome hop aroma.

I brewed early a.m. on May 19th before I had to go to the Colorado State Bowling Tournament.  I chose a malt bill for flavor and smoothness which consisted of Rahr Red Wheat Malt, Rahr White Wheat Malt, Weyermann Vienna Malt, and Weyermann Pilsner Malt.

I chose the hops, based on flavor characteristics, for what I am aiming for.  I chose CTZ, Chinook, Centennial, and Challenger for the boil, opting for late hop additions to tame the bitter bite, but still have the gusto of an IPA.  I will dry hop with Cluster, Citra, and Cascade to finish it out.

I also added some ground coriander, ground ginger, and fresh grapefruit zest to draw on the grapefruit/citrus flavor and a little spiciness.

I used Fermentis Safebrew T-58 yeast for it's spiciness and phenolics which would be great for a wheat beer.  (I love this yeast by the way.)

Brew stats:  5 gallons, IBU 51, OG at primary 1.060.  Already fermenting nicely and the basement smells of delicious hops, citrusy, and floral.  AWESOME!

Thanks for reading!  I'll keep you posted!


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