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Saturday, May 4, 2013

SMaSHing German Blonde with a Perle Necklace

This beer is taking longer to ferment than planned.  I've never used Kolsch yeast before so I checked for some advice on brewing forums.  The yeast is still suspended in the beer after 3 weeks and I still have some minor airlock activity.  I was thinking with a low gravity brew like this, 1.044, that it would have fermented quickly.  Advice from the forums is to let it go longer until it clears, then bottle.  Some say that when using this yeast it takes 7-9 weeks to complete.  Some go ahead and keg with cloudiness.  I just checked the gravity to see where we're at.  1.010!  That places the ABV at 4.5% which is right where I want it.  It's settled.  I will bottle today!  Aroma of pilsner malt and herby/spicy notes from the hops.  Flavor is very reminiscent of American Pilsners, but has more body, is quite smooth and clean, with a balanced and slightly lingering hop bitterness at 24 IBU's.  This beer is much lighter than I am used to but should be quite refreshing during those hotter summer days.  And for those friends and family of mine that like American Lagers, this will be right up your alley!  Off to bottle!

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