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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Rauch Malted Cider

Racked to secondary today after 3 weeks. The cider is still quite cloudy from active yeast in suspension.

I pulled a sample to check gravity and flavor. Gravity is 1.008, placing the ABV at 5.77%.

Aromas of smoke and apples. Quite pleasing.

Flavor: a bold, but not overpowering flavor of smoke awakens the palate. Tart apple comes forward which gives way to a slightly mineral/salt-like finish with a lingering of smoke on the aftertaste. I did choose to hop the smoke beer component and I believe it is slightly evident.

I will dry hop this brew to see how it affects the flavor and aroma profile. It will sit for one to two  more weeks while clearing then I'll check the gravity again. I believe the gravity will drop a few more points to around 1.006 - 1.004, which will keep it from being too dry, yet it won't be cloyingly sweet.

I'll post again as this brew finishes up.

Thanks for reading!


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