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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Deschutes Brewery Hop Henge Experimental IPA

Another fantastic brew from my favorite brewery based in Bend Oregon.  Rated at 95 IBU's, this brew is LOADED with hops!  It is also 8.5% ABV so it has a little kick to it also.  The hop aromas is immediately evident on the nose and in tasting is quite evident throughout and in the bitter finish.  This beer is not for hop-phobics.  I actually find this beer pretty balanced, but with a bitter finish, somewhat similar to how a German Altbier drinks.  If you are a hophead and like IPA's, this is a must try!  It is a limited release, so get it while you can!  I know I will will.  It is available in bombers.  Cheers!

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