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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spiced Apple Wheat

O.k.  I admit.... I couldn't wait!  I cracked one open tonight and WOW!  The apple and spice aromas are fantastic!  The flavor is AWESOME!  (It reminds me of apple pie.)  The hops bitterness comes out at the finish.  Very nice balance on this one so far.  The alcohol is not detectable, but as I sip on this one I am definitely feeling it.  There is creaminess in the mouthfeel from the oatmeal, which is why I love using raw oats in my brews.  Color is deep golden and hazy, because it is a wheat beer, with a nice pillowy white head.  I think with some aging this one will be a great winter warmer!  Think I will save a bunch for winter 2012!  Thanks as always for reading!   Cheers!    

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