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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1st All Grain Brews

My all grain brews went into secondary today.  Pumpernickel Porter:  Gravity check: 1.014.  Starting was 1.060 which puts it at 6.03% ABV.  Flavor profile:  Roasted malt, hint of molasses, nice spiciness due to the rye and caraway seed.  Nice crisp finish with slight hop bitterness.

Jalapeno Wheat: Gravity Check: 1.010.  Starting was 1.040 which puts it around 3.93% ABV.  This will be more of a summer session brew.  Flavor profile:  Nice smooth wheat beer profile.  I added 8 small sliced jalapenos to give it the fresh jalapeno flavor and a bump in heat.  Another week and it should be great! 


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