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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cranberry (Oat) Spiced Holiday Ale

The Cranberry Oat Spiced Holiday Ale is ready for bottling.  The final gravity is 1.028 which will put the alcohol at 6.03%.  Lower than expected, but that is o.k.  It will be very drinkable, though.  I was wanting the alcohol content ot be closer to 8%, but with the wheat base, I think it would have been unbalanced so I am happy with it!

The flavor profile is coming along nicely.  The flavors of the spices are coming through with the slight tartness of the cranberry juice, and the toasted oats are finally coming through.  With carbonation and chilling, this will be a tasty brew!  It will be great for Thanksgiving!

I'm going to prime with 4.5 ozs of corn sugar and will add some vanilla extract for aroma and flavor.  I'll taste one in a week, then one in two weeks, and will keep you posted on how it is conditioning!
Since it is a wheat based beer, it will have some haze and cloudiness to it, which is natural. 

Thanks for reading!  Cheers!

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