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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier, Marzen : Review

OMG!  This beer is absolutely amazing!  Most American's palates aren't accustomed to a Rauchbier, or smoke beer which is brewed with malts that are smoked over open fire to attain a unique smoky flavor and aroma.  This particular version contains malt smoked over beechwood logs.  This beer is imported from Bamburg Germany and is touted as being the original smokebeer.  This is my first time ever trying this beer and I have been seeking it feverishly as I just wanted to taste it not knowing what to really expect.  I am not surprised at how awesome it is, just how hard it is to find!  It makes me want to go to Germany and have some wurst, some spaetzle, some braised red cabbage, and some wienerschnitzel, and down it all with liters of this!  So, if you would like to experience beer of a different sort, and are a little adventurous, you may like this.  You may not.  I know I certainly did enjoy it!  Prost! 

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