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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pistachio Nut Brown Ale

Nailed my mash temperature of 155F.  Awesome aromas of roasted malt and nutty goodness!  About 50 minutes to go on the mash, then I'll sparge with 170F water, then it's off to the boil.  I'll be using Northern Brewer hops for bittering and Fuggles hops for flavor and aroma.  I wanted to stay along the lines of "earthy" type flavors to compliment the nuttiness.  (Rated at 28 IBU by calculation.) 
I'll use Fermentis US-05 yeast for it's clean crisp finish, also to promote the overall flavors of the beer.
Projected gravity: 1.059.  Actual measured: 1.054.  (My sparge calculation was off due to my error and not inputting the proper measurement in a field.)  Color: deep amber/dark golden/medium brown.  Tastes good already.  Malty and nutty with a slight caramel like flavor.
I'll update in a week.


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