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Friday, June 6, 2014

300 Suns Brewing, Longmont, CO

Stopped in today to drop of a Summer Beer entry for their Colabeeration Homebrewers Contest, and decided to check out their brews.  I sat at the bar and was greeted by Nicole, the server.  She was very polite and gracious!  I ordered a flight of all that they have on tap.  Then I was greeted at the bar by Jean, the owner.  We struck up a conversation about their beers and the brewery and other breweries as well, as I imbibed their tasty brews. (Run down on the beers will follow.)  It is nice to be able to sit down and talk to the owner and server freely, and without reservation.  We talked location, beer, food, and the like.

I really enjoyed the smaller, homier feeling atmosphere.  It is very welcoming!  The decor is nice and it is a good looking tasting room and patio.  (I should have taken some pictures.  Sorry.)

The beers I had are as follows:
1. Blue Corn Maiden Cream Ale - A tasty cream ale with the addition of blue corn gives a nice aroma nad earthiness that was quite enjoyable!
2.  Colorado Sunday SMaSH 2.0 - Avery tasty SMaSH beer with Chinook hops imparting slight resinous pine and citrus flavors.  Tasty!
3.  1st Avenue River Pale Ale - A nicely balanced pale ale that was quite quaffable.
4.  Cap'n Long ESB - Nicely balanced ESB.  Delicious!
5.  Rabbit Mountain Red Ale - Big malty backbone with a moderately bitter hops finish.  Very well done red ale!
6.  Hop & Sol IPA - Nice bright IPA with a very balanced malt to hops ratio.  Quite good!
7.  Sun Wortshipper Brown Ale - Delicious brown ale.  Nutty with a slight roastiness and just enough residual sweetness to keep me coming back for more.  (One of my favorites here.)
8.  Old Burlington Stout - Big smooth roast malt flavors of chocolate and coffee with just enough bitterness and enough residual sweetness to balance it all out.  (This was my favorite of the day!)
9.  Sunglasses At Night American Black Ale - A nicely done black IPA wit just enough roastiness to make it smooth, and just enough bitterness to balance it all and tie it together.

300 Suns is located on First Avenue about a half block west of Main Street.  It is situated in an industrial area just south of the old Longmont Foods Turkey plant.  The Cheese Importers Warehouse is on the east side of First Avenue, a good place to get some cheese, charcuterie, baguettes, and chocolate to pair with your beer if you would like.

I enjoyed my visit at 300 Suns Brewery and highly recommend a visit sometime.

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