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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Kokopelli Beer Company, Westminster, CO

Stopped in at Kokopelli Beer Company this afternoon to check them out.  I purchased a flight of 6 and an extra to get a taste of what they have to offer.  I'll give a run down on the beers shortly.  They offer food as well which is nice.  I ordered a personal cheese pizza for my daughter and had to have a taste as it looked delicious!  (And it was!)  I watched a few of the huge pretzels go to other tables as well and they looked AMAZING!  (Comes with a spicy beer-cheese dip as well!)  The beers were quite solid and quite tasty.  I had the following:
White Lace White IPA - Nice white IPA with a moderate hops bitterness
Gatekeeper Saison - (Seasonal) Good saison with a mild sweetness and nice esters from the yeast
Pale face Ale - (Pale Ale) Nice citrusy flavors from the hops and quite quaffable
Red Moon Ale - (Red Ale) - Nice malt forward red with mild bitterness from the hops
Goofstaf Altice Amber - (Amber Ale) - Very malt forward with a light bitterness, (My favorite of the day)
Cow Tipper Milk Stout - Nice roasted malt characteristic of a good stout with a creamy finish, (Janell's fav.)
Hop Slugger IPA - Touting 70 IBU's was a good IPA.  Bitter but not overly so.  Enjoyable
Weizen Up - (Hefeweizen) - Has banana and clove phenolics that were balanced but not overpowering
All in all, I would highly recommend Kokopelli Beer Company if you haven't tried it yet.  We had great service provided by Samantha.  We will definitely be returning!

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